Upcoming shows

Below you can find a slice of my upcoming shows. Pass by, enjoy and experience the Elektronics Force.

  • 21 Jul

    B Point Festival , Punat , Croatia

  • 28 Jul

    Eggo Beach , Varna , Bulgaria

  • 03 Aug

    Materia Open air by Bunktek , Glabbeek , Belgium

  • 04 Aug

    Dance D Vision / Mantra stage , Zottegem , Belgium

  • 10 Aug

    Xanadu , Teneriffe sur , Spain

Marco Bailey

It all starts with a beat. A virtuoso of any craft starts with a love in their heart and a belief that this is their path. Great talents make their mark on the world by perseverance, struggle and dogged determination- traits few can withstand for very long these days. But sometimes a character...

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